Last six months of 2020

Surprisingly for me, last six months were far less stressful than ever in my journey of starting up, even when they were all about facing difficult choices and making tough decisions.

Hire or fire?

Mask or Saree?

Continue or shut shop?

Have I learned to…

Six months into 2020

March 17: We launched our website and our ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ collection.
March 18: I posted a whatsapp status, asking for Netflix/Amazon Prime recommendations, and announcing a 3-day (March 19 – March 21) break from work.

March 22: Lockdown was announced.

Little did I know that my…

Aseem - September, 2019.

I’d promised to post Aseem’s monthly journey here but since this month is turning out to be way too stressful, unanticipated and lonely, may be I’ll talk about this month’s journey some other time. …

Happy Anniversary to us!

'An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down. - Reid Hoffman

After one year into 'entrepreneurship' I can safely say that the above quote is so damn true!

When I was registering the business I had no…

Swati Singh

Founder - Aseem

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